Overview of Safe Conversations® Leadership Agreement

We are pleased that you are considering signing up for the Safe Conversations® leader training program.

If you sign up, you and we will be agreeing to abide by an Agreement, which describes each party’s rights and obligations.

We have outlined some of the key terms of the Agreement below. However, this is only a summary. Please review the actual Agreement before signing up.

  1. To become a Safe Conversations leader, you will need to fulfill certain training requirements, such as completing specified courses and workshops.
  2. If you satisfy these requirements and become a leader, you will earn the right to present Safe Conversations workshops using our materials and certain trademarks during the term of the Agreement. You will also enjoy certain additional benefits which may vary depending on which Safe Conversations access plan you elect to sign up for.
  3. You will need to pay a monthly fee during the term of the Agreement. The fee may differ depending on which access plan you sign up for. If you sign up for the Trainer Portal Access option, you will retain a percentage of revenues from sales of access to your workshops, based on whether you or we initiate the sale. If we change the payment terms, we will give you at least 90 days prior notice.
  4. To maintain the quality and reputation of Safe Conversations workshops, we have rules about how you use our materials and trademarks. For example: you may not change our materials without our permission; you may not alter our trademarks; you may only use our materials for your workshops; you may not resell our materials; and you may not use our materials for healthcare advice or psychotherapy.
  5. We also have requirements as to how you price any workshops that you offer if you become a Safe Conversations leader. 
  6. We retain ownership of our trademarks and materials, including any modifications of our materials.
  7. The term of the Agreement will continue until you or we decide to terminate it, which either of us is free to do at any time.
  8. When the Agreement ends, you may no longer use our materials or trademarks.
  9. If someone sues us, or our affiliated companies or people, because of your workshops, you will be responsible for any damages or costs we or those other companies or people incur due to the lawsuit. 
  10. If you and we have a dispute about this program, we both will try to resolve it amicably. If you and we fail to work out the dispute through informal means, the dispute will be resolved by arbitration in Dallas, Texas or in London, if the initiating party lives outside the US and so chooses. If you prevail in a dispute, our liability to you will be limited to a refund of all of the fees you have paid under the program.
  11. There are other provisions, too. Please review the entire Agreement, including the provisions on the registration page, to make sure you understand all of them before signing up.